Our Lady of the Snows Church

Our Lady of the Snows - Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Councils within the Diocese of Brooklyn are periodically invited to reflect upon their ministry, the life of the parish and the progress made in addressing the goals of the parish's pastoral plan. This evaluation is also a time to update the parish's plan to reflect more closely the goals that the parish will seek to live out in the coming year. Please click here to see the Parish Pastoral Council Brochure.

The highlights of the latest Our Lady of the Snows Parish Pastoral Plan submitted in June of 2013 are as follows:

Statement of Goal #1: Enhance and support the work of OLS - Human Concerns Center (HCC)

Essential Elements: Service, Community, and Evangelization

Objective: Increase parishioner/community awareness of programs and services offered by the OLS-HCC through advertising and focused marketing. We plan to track parishioner needs, request parishioner input, and monitor services provided in order to increase awareness and usage of the OLS-HCC.

Statement of Goal #2: Youth Outreach - Identify, organize, and provide opportunities, for youth through young adult parishioners, to receive spiritual nourishment and remain involved in the parish community.

Essential Elements: Service, Community, Evangelization, and Word

Objective: Interact with, and provide direction and support for the following three ministries:

These ministries have been created to specifically address the needs of, and provide involvement for, young parishioners from Baptism age through young adult.

Statement of Goal #3: Identify, develop, and train future Parish Lay Leaders

Essential Elements: Leadership, Service, and Community

Objective: Interact with and provide support and direction for the newly created Leadership Committee. Help the Leadership Committee identify potential parish leaders who would be willing to work in leadership roles in our various parish ministries, societies, organizations, and clubs (MSOC's). Support the Leadership Committee in providing organizational structure for MSOC's, and in mentoring, training, and nurturing, current, and secondary leadership.

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